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Click on the Image to See a Live Webcam shot of the River Ettrick and the New Fish Pass.



Philiphaugh News


The Cauld And Salmon Viewing Centre

1st Sept:

The Salmon Viewing centre is currently closed for refurbishment and a much needed makeover and some new paint.

We hope to re-open next week sometime. (Week of 6th Sept 2021)

Philiphaugh Gardens

Winter plants will be available soon. There is a small selection for veg available for purchase.


The Gardens are now on winter hours and they are open from 8am - 4pm Monday through Friday.


 We accept Cash or Credit/Debit Cards.


Why not come for a walk and witness the beautiful colours.


Mobile Phone App

To listen to our fascinating audio tour of the estate and battlefield go to


Battlefield Self Guided Walk

Leaflets and a booklet about the battlefield project are available from the Waterwheel Cafe.


Salmon DVD

A fully narrated film entitled "The Philiphaugh Salmon" showing twenty minutes worth of the best, recorded images from the salmon viewing center, will be available to purchase from the Waterwheel Restaurant.

The species included are salmon, trout, grayling, eel, perch, a brief view of an otter knocking the camera and a goosander swimming underwater below the cauld.

All proceeds will be used towards the upkeep of the centre, for the purchase of equipment, cameras and towards maintaining the facilities. The DVD is priced at £5.