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Philiphaugh News Summer 2019


The Cauld And Salmon Viewing Centre

What a magnificent summer we are having. Walking by the river Etrrick you may see young ducklings and the dippers have bred successfully again this year at the Murray Cauld.


With little water only one turbine has been working at the hydro station and few salmon have passed through the fish counter.

Otters have been sighted recently in the river above the cauld and a kingfisher was seen on the banks of the Ettrick opposite where the howden burn joins the main river.

The Selkirk Gin Distillery, is now in full operation. Reiver gin and bannock gin can be purchased and mix with tonic or ginger ale make a delicious summer drink.


Why not call in on the Waterwheel café and enjoy lunch or a delicious cup of coffee whilst visiting the Estate.

Philiphaugh Gardens

In the gardens fruit and vegetables are for sale. The sweet peas and dahlias are in full bloom.



The gardens are open Monday to Friday 8-4 and weekends by appointment.


Why not come for a walk and witness the beautiful colours. The Waterwheel café will welcome you for lunch or coffee to refresh you after your walk.


Mobile Phone App

To listen to our fascinating audio tour of the estate and battlefield go to


Battlefield Self Guided Walk

Leaflets and a booklet about the battlefield project are available from the Waterwheel Cafe.


Salmon DVD

A fully narrated film entitled "The Philiphaugh Salmon" showing twenty minutes worth of the best, recorded images from the salmon viewing center, will be available to purchase from the Waterwheel Restaurant.

The species included are salmon, trout, grayling, eel, perch, a brief view of an otter knocking the camera and a goosander swimming underwater below the cauld.

All proceeds will be used towards the upkeep of the centre, for the purchase of equipment, cameras and towards maintaining the facilities. The DVD is priced at £5.