Make Tracks to Philiphaugh

DVD & Info Pack

“A Fantastic and unique film of the highlights from the Philiphaugh Salmon Viewing Centre.”

“The best underwater film shots of all the species seen on the underwater cameras and spectacular leaping salmon on their migration journey.”

Enjoy watching this magical underwater world and learn about the fascinating lives and international journeys which some of these fish species undertake during their lifecycle.

Species caught on camera include, salmon, trout, eel, perch, minnows, grayling, otter, goosander.

Price only 5 + 78p P&P

Complete with commentary, this includes much more than the highlights shown in the Salmon Viewing Centre.

All the proceeds will be used for maintenance of the Philiphaugh Salmon Viewing Centre Project, Selkirk.

Please order through Philiphaugh Estate Office, Selkirk TD7 5LX or by purchasing from the Waterwheel Restaurant.

or e-mail: