Make Tracks to Philiphaugh

The Waterwheel and Sawmill

This water driven sawmill has been in existence since about 1856. It was driven firstly with a wooden wheel, and this was replaced by the present wheel in about 1885. The waterwheel was also used to drive the threshing mill at the farm. It has recently been restored but permitted flows of water down the Mill Lade are insufficient to turn the wheel


Water was diverted by the cauld from the river to power the sawmill and in 1874 the mill lade was extended to Selkirk to power a tweed mill built by the Roberts Brothers.


Although we don't use it's power today the waterwheel can be viewed from the bridge over the mill lade where an explanation of its workings can be read on the information board.






The Waterwheel in action at the Philiphaugh Salmon Viewing Centre.




Mick Young Operating the Large Saw at the Sawmill